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  1. Meet Kirsten.


    Last but definitely not least, we would like to introduce you to our final Summer intern. Meet Kirsten Linn. Kirsten will be a senior this year at Penn State, majoring in Landscape Architecture. Want to learn about Kirsten, her love of dogs why she picked RGS? Then I invite you …

  2. Meet Justin.


    One thing our interns have in common is their fear of heights and their love of the movie Inception. We would like to introduce you to our other Summer intern. Meet Justin Witters. Justin will be a senior this year at Messiah College, majoring in Civil Engineering. Want to learn …

  3. Tour of Monarch Products


    Len Bradley, Olivia Horst and Ben Morton of RGS take a tour of Monarch Products, concrete pre-caster, to witness the production process for many of the pre-cast concrete structures specified in our designs.

  4. RGS Welcomes Allen as Project Designer


    RGS Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce that Jessica Allen, EIT has been named Project Designer. She is responsible for the conception and interpretation of subdivision and land development project designs and execution for assigned RGS client projects. Allen is a graduate from Lehigh University and holds a Bachelor of …